Photo Restoration

Whether you want to include your precious family photos in a book or video or just preserve them for future generations, we can help. After restoring thousands of family photos, we’ve never seen one we couldn’t rescue.

Through the use of the latest digital technology, our Adobe Photoshop experts can preserve and repair your photos without damaging the originals. In simple photo restorations we adjust contrast, sharpness, and color levels. But photos that are torn, faded, scratched, or water damaged can also be restored to their original glory. We have a great deal of experience reformatting old news and magazine articles into sizes suitable for books, videos or frames. And if you want to convert your black and white photos to sepia or full color, we can do that, too!

People from all over the country send us their original photos via UPS or FedEx. We also accept scanned photos on CDs or via e-mail. So pull your photos out of those boxes and give us a call at (928) 284-0222!


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